In 2010, a WestJet Fundraiser



In the fall of 2010, WestJet agreed to donate a gift of Two Tickets to Anywhere WestJet Flies, as the prize for a fundraising raffle for CRSS. More than $4000 worth of tickets were sold, and on December 18, the raffle draw was held at MiMi’s House. The winner of the tickets was Roger Mundell.
The raffle funds were part of a larger fundraising effort to purchase a snoezelen multi-sensory system for use at MiMi’s House. The entire system, which included a 60″ interactive multi-coloured bubble tube, 200-strand fibre-optic spray, rotating wheel projector and image wheels, sound machine, black light, plasma globe, tactile awareness box, and numerous other sensory exploring objects, cost nearly $10,000. Fundraising was completed in the spring of 2011, and the system was purchased and installed in September.